SteeringUwright Rowing Camps

SteeringUwright Rowing Camps offer extensive coaching to the individual and the crew as a whole.  We understand that some clubs have limited ability to manage all their programs and coach every single athlete individually.    We want to be a support program that clubs can lean on, and individual athletes can depend upon to improve their technique and boat moving ability.  Lesleh Anderson Wright, Olympian, coxswain, US Rowing Level 2 Coach and co-founder of Chinook Performance Racing started SteeringUwright as an independent organization to include rowers outside of her club  in unique well run training camps that are targeted to improve individual athletes boat feel, understanding of  boat speed and overall watermanship.   We educate rowers of all ages on how to self correct, listen to the hull, and  cue themselves to respond to the checks and sounds the boat gives them.    

We are excited to help you get better, faster, stronger all the while enjoying a glass of wine on the beach in Italy or a peaceful rural farm scape in Portugal.  Domestic camps in San Diego, Sarasota, and Arizona offer a different experience, but still give you the practical rowing education you are looking for.    

Make new friends, experience new places, you will not regret it! 

How It Works 

1.  We conduct comprehensive rowing camps throughout the U.S.  

2.  We are hired by rowing teams to run training camps at their home facilities.   Working with the club's coaches to best benefit  the team. 

3.  We organize and implement all inclusive rowing camps,  offering an opportunity for rowers to travel and experience some of the most reknown and beautiful rowing venues  throughout North America,  Europe,  and throughout the world.    These trips are vacations as much as they are amazing training opportunities.  

Pack your bags, we can't wait to work with you!