Club/Team Experiences: To book a camp for your rowing club visit our contact page. We will be happy to put you on our schedule and format the camp to your liking. There are still dates available for 2021: Please email SteeringUwright. Below are some of the clubs that have participated and have camps upcoming.

Winter Training in the Desert -

    • January 8-10 Tempe, Arizona (singles max 5)

    • January 15-17 Tempe, Arizona (doubles max 4 boats)

    • January 21-23 Tempe, Arizona (singles max 5)

    • March 16-18 Tempe, Arizona (singles and/or doubles)

    • March 26-28 Tempe, Arizona (singles and/or doubles)

    • April 16-18, Tempe, Arizona (singles and/or doubles)

    • April 30 - May 2, Tempe, Arizona (singles and/or doubles)

    • May 14 - 16 Tempe, Arizona

Winter Training in Florida-

  • February 5 -7 Florida (doubles max 4)

  • February 9 -11 Florida (singles max 5)

  • February 13-15 Florida (singles max 5)

Philly Sweep Camp June 2021

    • June 8-10, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    • June 11-13, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Summer Camp Lake Placid, New York

  • June 7 to 13. Seven Days All Inclusive Rowing Camp. $1950.00 Housing, Meals, Equipment, Coaching (6 coaches).

January - June Camps: register HERE

UK in the Desert - TO BE ANNOUNCED Join us for 3 days in beautiful Arizona with a group of women from the UK. Camp will be sweep and sculling and you will meet folks from across the pond. Lots of fun to be had at this one! (Covid-19 disrupted this camp, we will add to calendar in the future).

FILO in Philly - June 4-6 . Two fantastic days of training and race prep in the city of brotherly love. Enjoy two days of race skills and thrills on the Schuylkill and Boathouse Row. (Covid-19 disrupted this camp, we will add to calendar in the future).

Adirondack Rowing Camp, Upstate NY - June/August 2022 (dates TBD). Stunning location - open to all intermediate scullers. Experienced rowing on a peaceful lake tucked in between Lake Champlain and Lake Placid. A beautiful location for hiking, outdoor adventures, and peace and quiet.

Individual Opportunities: To inquire about attending one of our upcoming camps follow the links provided below or email SteeringUwright

In the works:

Down Under - Australia & New Zealand March 2022 (Limit 16 rowers)

Elite Experience - Italy, 2021 - Sweep and Sculling Camp (Limit 16 rowers)

Camp and Row - Adirondacks, June 2021 - Sweep and Sculling (Limit 32 rowers)