Endeavor Racing Alliance brings together bad-ass athletes from across the globe to compete at the most exciting regattas. Born from the desire to race hard with zero drama, we only invite athletes who have demonstrated the capacity to shut up and work. We train hard, really hard – sometimes at Endeavor camps, and sometimes alone in our basements at 5:00am. Some may call us a rolodex crew. That’s okay with us. It’s just how we roll. We don’t apologize for rowing with other like-minded athletes whenever or wherever. We like nice equipment, we like getting sh*t done, and we like cold beer. Invitation only.

Our rowers include women, men, youth, masters, and para-athletes who share the same passions: racing hard, new adventures, and true camaraderie. Some think "How can you shape crews when they don't row together on a regular basis?" - We are the proof that you can, and you can be successful!