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"The camp was excellent. Seeing yourself on film does not lie, it provides the motivation to fix your mistakes. The coaching was results driven and based on encouragement. I learned 2 things that will increase my technique...Firm outside grip and better angle out of bow for increased compression. I will work on both of these issues. I agree with the emphasis on the entry. I thought the flow of the camp was great.....drill, work on flaws, pairs rowing, steady state and lastly racing. The last day really brought all the elements together It also helped that the group encouraged each other and there was no BS the oarsman and the coaches."

Al, Tempe 2019

"Two of my favorite pastimes are rowing and traveling. SteeringUwright provides an incredible opportunity to travel the world rowing with skilled oarsmen and oarswomen with guidance from extremely knowledgeable and professional coaches. Lesleh Wright has created a unique and exciting program that allows rowers from around the world to gather in gorgeous countries such as Portugal and Italy. While in these picturesque locations she arranges transportation, accommodation and wonderful regional meals suitable to sustain athletes during our daily practices. At these camps, athletes who may not know each other, create lifelong bonds while improving rowing technique and stamina. The daily practices are challenging, well organized and thoughtful. The days are structured to create opportunity to row on water, work out on land and spend time with other rowers in a social atmosphere at the end of the day reflecting upon the day’s hard work. During the camp Lesleh provides opportunities for exciting adventures and side trips as well. Such visits have included trips to local wineries, excursions through the cities and fabulous boat rides to surrounding islands. I have had the opportunity to attend several of these camps and I have found that each one has surpassed my expectations. They are valuable for improving rowing technique as well as a good value for a unique traveling experience."

Kristen, Italy 2018

"I really appreciated the coaching and the mix of drills, rowing at lower rates, power pieces, and scrimmages. I like the way we broke the stroke down, slowed the speed, and really focused on mazimizing our efficiency and power through the drive. I feel like I got some great technique feedback and tips that I can take home with me and work on all winter. In addition to the coaching, the other big benefit for me was bring able to row behind (and with) some much more experienced rowers who taught me a lot by their example. And as a bonus, I made some really nice new friends!"

Carol, Tempe 2019

"Straightforward, easy to understand, very specific, concentrated, tailored well constructive intuitive natural feedback for each individual’s understanding, while in concert with the upbeat totality of the boat’s collective energy, personalities, rhythm of movement and overall ’espirit de corps’ for each and every “session”."

Onnie, Sarasota 2019

"I found the tanks especially helpful, with hands-on coaching and the opportunity to do sweep rowing in a controlled environment. I hardly ever get a chance to sweep row, so this was very beneficial. The whole concept of the camp was enveloping and intimate. It far exceeded my expectations in value and learning. Eating together in a relaxed, casual setting, and learning about athlete nutrition from Tracy was a real bonus. Although I can't say I really 'enjoyed' erging, it was stimulating to do it in a group for a change instead of alone, and good to have coaches watching my form and cheering me on in the power pieces."

Anne, Philadelphia Indoor Winter Camp 2019

"I benefited in a lot of ways from camp! First, I benefited from having such solid, knowledgeable coaching. It has been a long time since I have had that caliber of instruction and it is amazing how much of a difference it makes. Second, I benefited from rowing with the other guys. Being able to sit in boats with such strong rowers really helps. I particularly benefited from sitting behind Mac the first day. Third, the shear amount of time on the water was great. I haven't had that kind of opportunity since college. To be able to apply feedback so immediately is great. Lastly, the video review was awesome. I have never seen my rowing on video like that and definitely never had coaches feedback on it. Really helps to understand what I am doing wrong in the boat. As for the emphasis on the catch I think that was really helpful. Having a main focus gave me, and the boat as a whole, something to work on together and improve."

Matt, Tempe 2019

"Very, very positive: excellent coaching, terrific camaraderie, wonderful facility (hotel and rowing venue). I really learned a lot (and, feel as if my rowing improved). Video reviews were very helpful as well as the one-on-one erg coaching to supplement the on-water sessions. Really enjoyed the opportunity to get in different boats (sweep and sculling) with different people. Also, the social events ("field trips") -- feast, castle, boat trip -- really helped develop a sense of "team"."

Kate, Italy 2017

SCRC 2019


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